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Spring Break Mission Trips

Every year, members participate a couple spring break mission trips through His House. By planning your spring break trip through His House, you can know that the focus will go beyond just “volunteering,” and to serving Jesus or encountering God in a special way.

Trips are announced before Christmas break every year (sometimes sooner), so there is time to talk with parents or raise support if necessary. A typical non-local trip will range from $250-$500, mostly depending on lodging and travel costs, or participation fees from an organization we may be serving.

Here are some examples of previous His House spring break trips:

• Panama City Beach, FL – variety trip: from Habitat for Humanity to a nursing home visit to outreach to spring breakers.

• Flint, MI – Serving a local church in a variety of ways.

• Habitat For Humanity – various locations around the country.  Help build homes for needy families.  See HFH.

• Center for Student Missions – New York City, Nashville, Chicago, Washington D.C. – urban mission trip.  See CSM.

• Saginaw/Bay City – Campus House project – gutting an old run-down building, and also serving at the Old Town Soup Kitchen.

• Grand Canyon, AZ – Hiking in Grand Canyon National Park.  More of an experiencing God trip than a “mission,” but it’s an adventure of a lifetime.

• Casa Por Cristo – (“Houses for Christ”) – Building homes in Mexico.  SVSU students have teamed up with FSU and other campuses to participate.  See Casas.

• Dominican RepublicOrphanage Outreach.  Spending times with children in the orphanage and in the local school.

Every May, there is also a Mission Trip to Germany, led by the campus minister from Michigan Tech.  Presenting Jesus in the schools, outreach to German youth.  SVSU students have participated in this trip on several occasions.

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    • Leader Training Retreat
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