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What We Believe

What are the core beliefs that drive us?

• God is real. He is the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present Creator. Since He invented matter, energy, space, time, etc —and all the natural laws that govern those— it is reasonable to believe He can also suspend or bypass those laws, when He chooses, to accomplish the miraculous. His intricate and vast creation reveals attributes like His wisdom, power, and creativity. (For sound, thought provoking evidence for Creation, see or Lee Strobel’s, The Case for a Creator.) And God’s Word reveals deeper truths about Him such as His three-in-one nature, called the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. His Word also reveals His personal character.
Gen 1.1; Rom 1.20; Acts 17.24-27; Col 1.15-20

• The Bible is the Word of God. The 66 Books of the Bible were perfectly inspired by the Holy Spirit in the original documents, and we have very-reasonably-accurate translations today. (To study this further, look up books or videos by Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, or Nabeel Qureshi.) Being perfectly inspired by God, the Bible is completely true and trustworthy, and is the final say on any matters it covers. God’s Holy Spirit will never contradict His written Word, and our beliefs and worldviews should always be adjusted to the Bible, not vice versa. The best understanding of any topic or passage in the Bible is the most straightforward one, in light of the scriptural context.
Luke 1.1-4; John 21.24; 2Pet 1.16-21; 2Tim 3.15-17; Acts 17.10-12; Mt 7.24-27; James 1.22-25

• Everything else we believe is based on these first two principles. There are countless other statements we could make, but here’s the bottom line… Given the fact that God is real and His Word is reliable, the single most important doctrine we need to know beyond that is the Gospel — how to be saved, and how to share that opportunity with others! We need to understand the why, the what, and the how — so that we can not only apply it to our own lives (with full assurance), but also share it with others, since this is our mission and purpose.
Mt 28.18-20; Acts 1.8; Mk 16.15; 2Cor 5.18-20

The Gospel: The Good News about Jesus Christ
(What does it really mean to become a Christian?)


It’s starts with God’s moral character that He’s revealed through His Word.

There are 2 equal sides to His nature.

God is Love. He is the author of love and the epitome of perfect, selfless, unconditional love. (NOT to be confused with “niceness.”) Qualities like His grace and kindness are part of His loving nature.
1Jn 4.8; Rom 8.38-39; Eph 3.16-19; 1Jn 3.1

God is Holy. He is morally perfect and a perfectly just and righteous Judge. Qualities like His justice and wrath against sin are part of His holy nature.
Rev 16.5;  Lk 1.49; Rev 15.4; 2Th 1.5-6

All of us have sinned. No surprises here… Every one of us has done something we knew was wrong, or failed to do something we knew was right.
Rom 3.23; Rom 3.10-12; James 2.10; James 4.17

So this seems to put the two sides of God’s nature at odds…

God’s holiness must punish sin. It would be against God’s nature to let any sin go unpunished. That punishment for sin is eternity in hell — a living death, away from God’s presence forever. That is what we earn (the “wage”) for our sinful actions; it’s what we deserve before a holy God.
Rom 14.12; Rom 2.5,16; 2Th 1.6-9; Rom 6.23 (first half); Rev 20.10,14-15

But God’s love compels Him to forgive and restore us. He created us for a relationship with Him, so His love drives Him to make a way for us to be with Him forever.
Rom 5.6-8; Rom 6.23 (second half); Rev 21.1-6


• In response to our sin, God did the only thing that would satisfy both sides of His nature: He became our substitute by taking our death sentence, then conquering death. God the Son entered humanity (as Jesus Christ), lived a perfect sinless life (so He didn’t owe the punishment Himself), and willingly took our penalty. His physical death was in place of our spiritual death of hell. Then He conquered death forever. Being eternal and infinite, Jesus’ one sacrifice was sufficient to cover any number of people — but only those who accept His offer.
1Pet 3.18; Rom 3.22-26; Col 2.13-14; Heb 7.24-27; Heb 9.27-28; 2Tim 1.9-10; 1Jn 2.2

Jesus’ offer is free and unearnable. Community service can never undo a death sentence. Even if our good works outweigh our bad 100 to 1, our sin still deserves the punishment of hell. So we cannot ever earn God’s forgiveness. But He offers it freely, based on His love and His sacrifice.
Eph. 2.8-9; Rom 4.4-5; Titus 3.4-7

Because of our sin and God’s holiness, Jesus is the only way to heaven. Every other religion attempts to earn a better afterlife (or present life) through works — being good, following the rules, etc. Biblical Christianity is the only faith where our punishment is paid for. In His holiness, God did not have to provide a way for us to escape His wrath against sin. But thanks be to Jesus that in His love, He offers a way!
Jn 14.6; Acts 4.10-12

Count the cost. Jesus’s offer is completely and totally free in the sense that we cannot earn it — yet it comes with expectation. Accepting His offer means accepting His authority over your life. We can live for ourselves and pay the price for our sin ourselves. Or we can let God purchase our life-debt with the blood of Jesus — and we become His.
Lk 14.28-33; Mt 7.21-27; 1Cor 6.19-20

Forgiven instantly; more holy over time. This is the difference between the big churchy words “justification” and “sanctification”… When we become Christians, we instantly go from being 0% forgiven to 100% forgiven. This is justification — we are completely cleared before the Judge. Jesus’ sacrifice covers all our sins (including future mess-ups). Then once we are saved from God’s punishment, sanctification is the process of us becoming more and more holy (good) over time. It happens as we listen to the Holy Spirit and seek to become more like Jesus. There is no expectation to be instantly perfect or have it all together the moment you commit to Jesus — just the expectation to allow God to keep growing your faith and obedience over time.
Php 1.6; Heb 7.24-25; Rom 4.23-5.2; 1Thes 4.1-7; 1Cor 6.9-11


Even though Jesus died for the sins of potentially everybody, it’s obvious that not everybody is a Christian. What makes the distinction? How is Jesus’ offer applied to our individual account? The Bible teaches a simple 4-part response to accept Jesus’ offer. The 4 parts work together, and when we follow them, we can have full assurance of God’s forgiveness, adoption into His family, and eternity in heaven.

• Believe in Jesus. Believe that He died for your sins, then conquered death by rising from the grave. Belief is the foundation — all the other parts of our response hinge on this one. But He asks for more than belief.
Rom 10.9-10; Jn 3.16; Acts 10.43; Mk 16.16; 1Tim 1.16; James 2.19

• Repent of sin. This means we regret our wrongs and have turned toward pursuing God now instead of pursuing sin. Sin is sin because it is an offense to God. Therefore we should be careful to let God’s Word define sin, not our opinions or feelings.
Acts 2.37-38; Acts 3.19; Rom 6.1-2; Mk 1.15

• Proclaim Jesus as Lord. This is a declaration that I am no longer the king of my life — Jesus is.
Rom 10.9-13; Mt 10.32; 1Jn 4.15

• Be Baptized (Immersed in water as your own decision). This is the culmination of the responses. It’s a powerful physical demonstration of your pledge to Jesus. It illustrates the death to your old life, resurrection to your new life in Christ, and your acceptance of His freely offered grace and Lordship.
Acts 2.37-38; Rom 6.3-4; 1Pet 3.18-21; Mk 16.16; Jn 3.3-5; Acts 22.16


Once I accept His offer, then what do I do? Am I left to figure everything else out on my own? No! God has provided His Holy Spirit and the local church body to help us. And here’s how to get started with our part.

Develop your communication with God (as with any relationship). Pray (talk to God) and try to read in your Bible daily (start with John, Acts, & Romans). (Even a chapter a day can be helpful in learning —or reminding ourselves— more about Who God is and what His expectations are.) Begin meeting with other Christians regularly. Build fellowship/community. Seek out discipleship/mentoring/coaching right away. Look for ways to serve the church and help those in need. Help to spread the Good News by sharing your story, what Jesus has done for you, and what you’ve learned so far. You can be discipling others – even as you are being discipled.
Mt 22.36-40; 1Thes 5.17; Heb 10.25; 2Tim 3.16-17; Heb 5.13-6.3; Gal 5.22-25; Rom 12.4-8; 1Cor 12.4-11; Mt 28.18-20

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      Einstein Bros Bagels

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